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What Fees (If Any) Do Travel Agencies Charge?

Most travel agencies charge a small fee added onto your total trip expenses. This small fee, or commission, goes to the travel agent who works diligently to plan a travel itinerary specifically for your trip needs. As travel agency websites use your location to create a more accurate pricing option, travel agents personally look at potential destinations using their specialized tools and references, and reduce any unnecessary costs.  Because All Business Class Travel Agency is a luxury travel agency, we have minimized the cost of fees airlines, cruises and hotels try to add on. 


Listed are some things to look for when booking a trip with a travel agency, since there might be some hidden fees involved:

  • Compare airline ticket prices from the one offered by the airline and one you find on a search engine. 
  • Look at potential “tourist traps“ when booking a specific destination during high seasons. 
  • Ask your travel agent when something seems off, most of the time they will take a look at the amount in question and explain what is included in the price. 
  • Try to stay away from travel agencies that do not respond promptly to your questions because you should always be the priority.
  • If possible, book a large group trip together due to the high amounts of discounts you will recieve when doing so.
  • Ask your bank if they offer frequent flyer miles with purchases, which add up over time. Frequent flyer programs grant guests access to special rooms (i.e. with wi-fi, comfy seating, snacks, priority boarding) at airports, cabin upgrades at no extra cost, and limit the international fees when traveling.  

Remember that you are travel agencies priority and should be the one to decide what activities and dates you want to travel. If a travel agency adds fees when looking at and changing itineraries, that is not the travel agency for you. Traveling should bring a happy feeling not an overwhelmingly high fee feeling.


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