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Patrica’s Green

Fell St & Octavia Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94102

This is a excellent urban park for sunbathing and relaxation. Many individuals stop here on the numerous benches or picnic tables. The park has cafés, juice bars and ice-cream stores and a few restaurants, sandwich stores, pizzerias and little groceries in the neighborhood. Great place to enjoy a meal in a nearby restaurant and the park.

The park itself is great for sitting down to catch up on your news, social media, or just to read and eat and relax. It’s essentially located in the reduced height of the Hayes Valley outside with plenty of good food and drink. Personally my favorite is the La Boulange, where you can wake up and grab a pastry. The best pizza is Paxti’s, where they have the best deep dish. Smitten has the best fresh ice cream, where I have spent time trying all of the flavours. I truly believe that you will be glad if you can take some time to go explore this region! 


This is an extremely clean park for children and adults who live or visit the city. People take advantage of this park to kill time when they are waiting for reservations, but I haven’t heard too many complaints, since this is such a nice place to spend time. Children can let go and play at will here, with no homeless issues having ever occurred in this park. I would love to maintain it as it is, since I think a safe space is very important for children. I still believe, though, that the parents should still have their children not too far from them, because this park does have places where children could get lost or grabbed. 


Overall, though, this park is a nice small green space in Hayes Valley, near Octavia St. When we were there last month, I did not understand the art installations changing regularly. It’s so cool that they are constantly putting new art in! When I was there, there was a 40 feet “Temple” constructed by David Bes and the Temple Crew to celebrate 10 years of the Park, is shown on Patricia’s Green (June 2015-2016). Patricia’s Greene is the permanent temporary sculpture park.  The temple promotes individuals to look at losses and to leave messages on the straight wooden walls. The project was endorsed by the San Francisco Arts Commission and Burning Man. I also enjoyed the small oasis of nature in the big city, because I believe that it revives the soul to see a bit of green!


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