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How Do Travel Agencies Work?

Travel agencies rely on travel sites, airlines, cruise ships, and hotels around the world for creating travel itineraries for potential guests at a small price. Since most travel agencies buy tickets in bulk, they can charge whatever price they see reasonable during that specific season. As a potential travel guest, you can view, inquire about, and change travel plans at no cost to you. This is because travel agencies want to show you what they have to offer and allow you to personalize your trip. Travel agencies usually provide potential travelers with a variety of options and destination combinations to choose from to ensure each traveler experiences a positive trip. With the freedom to choose what activities each traveler will do, what events or workshops they will attend, or what experience they would like to do, travel agencies and their agents take into consideration everyone’s “to-do list.” Once an agency reviews those decisions, they will draft, plan and share the potential itinerary with the travelers. After that, the trip is confirmed, and the travelers have packing to do!


Now, to better understand the steps to take when looking at a potential travel agency, you must understand that travel agents earn a small commission for their hard work and time. Though it is not much, they are extremely proud of their role in planning your perfect trip. As potential travelers, travel agencies take time to understand your goals for your future trip as well as keep in mind what activities/ destinations are successful matches. Once travel agents narrow their search down to three to five destinations, they will share their findings with you so that you can choose the destination you find most sure about. During this stage, agencies will share pricing options, as well as layaway options (if offered) and provide you with all the details your potential trip will consist of. If the potential trip is a business trip, agencies will provide company pricing, first class packages and business class ticketing packages. It is at this time where you can accept the trip options or edit activities into/ out of the trip. Once you have decided whether the trip is for you, the travel agencies will provide you will confirmation emails, texts, phone calls, or mailing options.


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