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Alta Plaza Park

Jackson St. & Steiner St., San Francisco, CA 94115

This is one of several SF parks on hills that are truly worth a visit. The stunning view of the JFK Apartments at nigh,t and the town of Skyline when the there is a clear view of the Pacific is an amazing sight. When there is a lot of fog you cannot see the Pacific, but when there is none it really is worth a visit. There are plenty of paths and trails to walk with your family, dog or even alone at this park. I have been walking here for years, and I have never felt threatened, or unsafe here. This park is great for people looking to just enjoy the city or bay views. This park also has a couple of tennis courts which are in pretty good shape. There is also plenty of open grass, so sitting and just relaxing is also a good option here.


This is a magnificent, quiet, friendly park, well suited for both dogs and children. It’s a tiered hill, which is very tall with a good view of the bay. Stairs lead up to various lookouts, each with routes around the park. The view from the Sutro Tower and the neighbourhoods of the Pacific Highs, the west side of the city, NoPa, Marina and Bay and some sky scrapers of downtown are really quite impressive. There is also a fairly good view of a couple of the nearby beaches. The park also has a couple of tennis courts, which are in decent shape. There are playgrounds for children, with nice, safe structures. I also believe that there are public bathrooms at this park as well. I really enjoy this park because there are never too many visitors, and you feel as though you have enough personal space. You feel like you can breathe, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. Additionally, this park has such a wonderful and well-preserved view over the whole town. It feels like a true neighborhood when dogs play leash, visit other dog friends that they have made in the park, and in general, just enjoy being outdoors. I particularly enjoy the morning exercise groups. They have a couple organized sessions, which are free to join. They usually do yoga, with a volunteer as the guide. It is very relaxing, and I plan to make it a habit to participate more in the future. There is also a great playground for kids here.


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