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Union Square

333 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Late night trip to the Cheesecake Factory lead us to Union Square. Quite a sight to see when you come from a small town. Both in terms of people and buildings! I would recommend going earlier to fully take in the sights and sounds in the daylight. Then finish the day with a nice slice of cheesecake!

I really like the all night parking garage here it’s great to pick up a scooter or park a car and it’s great because it is open 24 hours the people don’t give you any trouble there is security around so it’s perfectly safe it’s pretty clean and well-lit. I’ve used it several times I myself you scoot. Com so I can pick up a scooter there or drop it off pretty much at will and that’s great. keeps me moving 24/7 I recommend it highly.

Really a good place to just travel around and “hop” shops. During Christmas days, this place is packed and have a huge Christmas tree in the middle of it. Really amazing place. The only downside to this place is parking; the only parking I go to is directly in front of Macy’s, underneath Union Square. It’s a walk from everything. This place has great shops to go for shopping and great restaurants. My favorite place to go eat is at Cheesecake Factory on the very top floor of Macy’s. I would highly recommend going here for a date, or just to hangout with friends, and family and to enjoy a great time around the people you love. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COMING HERE.

I do love Union Square. It is bustling, vibrant and there is always something going on. On a fine day, it is a great place to sit, have a coffee and watch the world go by. Union Square always has its share of interesting characters. The square is surrounded by big, impressive department stores, hotels, restaurants, diners & coffee stops and lots of big name shops. We didn’t spend much time there on this 2 day visit but it would be easy to spend a day shopping, eating and just taking it all in. We like staying in or near Union Square as everything is easily accessible from there.