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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The place was immense and will take several visits to immerse in detail the many special exhibits. From the huge digital mural called The Chronicles of San Francisco which depicts the daily life of a cross section of over a thousand residents to the wonderful comprehensive exhibition of Andy Warhol which spans several level there is no way to see it all in one day. We spent most of the day on Warhol’s impressive 40-year career and barely scratched the service. It will be worth every penny to consider an annual membership. Highest recommendation.

The themes of exhibits were attractive, especially on these three (1) Art and Architecture showcasing how the Sea Ranch was transformed into human habitat without destroying the ecology and contours. (2) We Are Here by Suzanne Lacy on the interactions she had with the women community showcased by photographs, posters and visual artworks, and audio exhibits, and (3) Louise Bourgeois Spiders with gigantic models of spiders. Educational. Entertaining.

Amazing Museum, 7 floors filled with Art, paintings, photos, videos, sculptures, etc. Currently special Andy Warhol’s work exhibits along with other great artists on display. Don’t miss the living wall on the 3rd floor,it has 19000 lush plants. Staff super friendly at all levels. It will take 2 to 3 hours to go through but certainly it will be more if you are Art fan. Museum is immaculately clean and extremely well kept. Museum contains 33000 pieces of art.

I loved the experience and could have wandered for hours. There were a couple “interactive” installations that were captivating. Just an altogether great place that everyone should see. Super spacious so it’s easy to move around and feel like there’s a lot of space and place to be.

Loved this museum. 7 floors! Amazing. Staff were super nice. Except for the lady at the bottom of the stairs to the 2nd floor. She was barking at people to wear their backpacks in front but didn’t tell us why. We had to ask another staff member. It was so you didn’t bump anything. Gift shop was nice. Got a few things that weren’t expensive.