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Dragon’s Gate

Bush St, Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

There’s a reasonable priced parking garage down the street and after 6pm the parking meters are free. Don’t get ripped off for those parking garages that say $3.50 every 20 min.

The stores are pretty cool around that area.

I got to say this is a very cool place where cultures meet. The Big Bus walking tour included in the basic pass is amazing and takes you through ChinaTown.

Beautiful entrance! But be prepared to walk since it goes uphill from here. So many different stores with all the souvenirs you need. It is a must see if you are ever in San Francisco

Really beautiful!

The whole thing exudes a Chinese aura and going through it, while brief, is quite an interesting experience, if entering a portal.

It’s pretty during day and gorgeous at night, when all lit up and glowing, as if screaming “mystery and ancient magic” (though it may just be me).

You can see beautiful palaces. But if you are a woman. You have to be concerned  that you are going to the most dangerous place in sf. So it is better to be with the company.

So much fun to walk through and see all the shops. While you’re walking through you’ll smell all the yummy restaurants. Make sure to arrive somewhat early. It seems like some of the shops were closing at around 6:00 pm. Also, if you have small children it might be difficult to keep them from touching everything. They have a lot of little things they could touch and possible break.

If Brandie Hoe on Pacific is an excellent restaurant and the walk to it takes you past some great shops. Lots of fun and unique things to see and buy.

Amazing. Fun. Live musicians on the street with beautiful music. Murals. Bakeries. Fortune Cookies. Kimonos. Lucky cats. Authentic food. Bring your walking shoes and a cane if you need help on the hills.