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Beach Blanket Babylon

678 Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94133

YES YES and YES. A pleasant night full of laughs and topics relevant to 2019. I had the pleasure of sitting right at the stage!! Perfect view. Perfect  pitch. The theater is cozy and welcoming. Definitely a must for any visitor of San Francisco! Pictures inside are not allowed. And I recommend buying a bottle of your beverage rather than a glass!

Fabulous fun light hearted musical that is 90 minutes of non stop action. Definitely left leaning, (it is San Francisco after all) bring your sense of humor, relax and enjoy the show. An SF classic that’s a must see before the curtain goes dark forever at the end of 2019. Best to take Uber or a taxi, as parking near the theater is challenging.

Aloha Steve! And the AMAZING CAST OF BEACH BLANKET BABYLON! I have wanted to see this production since 1973! So Glad that my Friends and I were there in the Cyril Magnin Box! I  loved it!! Get tickets as they are closing at the end of 2019!!

Wonderful musical review with great singing,  lyrics, and costumes. Very energetic performance.  Don’t miss it. Club Fugazi is a bit small. Reserved seating and the upstairs reserved seating gets you the best view.

Definitely worth going to. This is a San Francisco Institution. Love how they take current events and issues, and make fun of them in a way which will make you laugh. Will definitely miss this show.

Very fun, but quiet dated. I’d say my 75 year old parents would enjoy the music more than someone below the age of 50. Still it’s well done with great costumes and strong performers.

Wow! Such an amazing experience. Heard a lot about this place but the wait was well worth it. Everything was spot on – the music, the story, the actors and especially the costumes! The whole performance was filled with wow and funny moments. Makes you fall in love with San Francisco, again! Highly recommended!