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555 California Street Building

555 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104


I have been coming to this building since the 1980’s when I was a member of the Carnelian Club on the top floor. The club is long since gone but the building is beautifully maintained with magnificent views from all the upper floors. Easily accessible by foot from most of the financial district, this is still a flagship building after more than 30 years.

Nice building, Beautiful flower arrangement every week.  The landscape outdoor is very well maintained and nice.

A drive around the financial district was nice in the evening when it’s quiet.

The door clerk was excellent, I was just delivering a caviar order and she was excellent!!

It had amazing food and the winter loves food.

The once tallest buildings in San Francisco until the condominiums to the sky were built in South Beach/SOMA.

Wish the rest of SF would take notice of its parking garage. Beautiful, large, clean, and has great customer service.

The view alone is worth a visit if you get invited to a meeting. Expensive parking under the building accessible from Pine entrance.

Parking structure is very nice. Cleanest garage that I have seen. Customer service was great.

Great tree lighting ceremony.  Great concert by the Doobie Brothers.  But, why only $160,000 given to Ronnie Lott’s foundation?  Compared to claims of greatness by the guy that owns the building (prime real estate and fancy to boot) there should have been another zero at the end.  Now THAT would have been impressive. Instead of touting the size of your tree, which in all fairness is to be re used thankfully, you could have touted a much more substantial donation.  160k puts ONE kid through 4 years of college at an ivy league school. That’s simply not enough. But, a fun evening seemed to be had by all.

Nice, clean and security is very strict and professional.

Tallest building in SF if you exclude the point on the Transamerica building which is technically cheating.

Landmark building is San Francisco.