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111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94105

I have lived in the bay area for more than 30yrs. I never knew this place existed! Amazing artworks and just an overall place to have great drinks and cocktails. This place is open during special events and a great place for the public to meet and chat with Artis and see amazing Art. Great place to escape.

Worked security for an event. This guy came out of nowhere to tell us this place had bagels, fruit, coffee, & oj at no cost to workers. He led the way. Man was there some beautiful artwork. My favorite was a picture that when looked at closely it was money.

Fun spot for a happy hour.  They have art to look at, and their Moscow Mules are amazing!

Very cool space to look at art and get a coffee or a cocktail. I came here with a large group of friends for a celebration and they were happy to accommodate us without any sort of reservation. There are special events here though so it’s a good idea to check their website and calendar for any bookings.

Best lively and social fun place to go and get drinks and listen to cool DJ music and go out and hang with friends. To meet new people and meet people and host cool events to private events and catering food and make the best out of it.

Good event space, I’m told it is a cool place to hang out and work and drink coffee all day too. Staff were super helpful and the art on the walls is a bonus.

This is the coolest gallery/event space/bar in the city. An establishment in the art community for over 25 years I believe. Love it!